Oh, IntelliJ IDEA, how I miss you

I’m switching from IDEA to Eclipse for the sake of conformity, with a great deal of mourning. No, it’s not ideal, but it’s a startup and not a good time to shave a yak.

Here are some features I miss. If you know how to do this in Eclipse, please, post a comment!

* Save the file whenever it loses focus!
* JavaScript highlighting even within .vm velocity templates
* JavaScript autocompletion. It’s a dynamic language so the IDE can never be sure what properties an object will have, but IDEA comes remarkably close. It highlights known properties in one color, and underlines ones it can’t verify. Great jQuery integration.
* Automatically importing classes that are only found in one place, or classes from specific libraries. Like, I want to type List and the IDE should import java.util.List without asking me.
* Populating the filter of packages to exclude from the import suggestion list, from the import suggestion list. Not requiring a separate trip to the preferences dialog and typing in the useless ones.
* Ctrl-W. In IDEA, this widens the selection. Widen it to the word, then the expression, then the containing expression, etc.
* At the end of a line that contains an expression, command-shift-V to introduce a variable that stores the result of that expression. — solution from Moandji: Command-2 (or ctrl-2 on Windows), then L
* Static imports: from an explicit static method call, alt-space for suggestions including “static import”– solution from Moandji: Command-shift-M
* Recognition and auto-import of static methods from certain files (such as JUnit assertions)
* add a private final field; have the IDE generate the constructor or add the parameter to the existing constructor.
* switch back and forth between a source file and its test file.
* generate a test class and have it automatically go into test sources rather than defaulting to main
* When I copy a class, open the new copy. Don’t make me go looking for it.
* In the debugger, increase the font size on variables. This is possible through some deep menu options, but then it increases the font without increasing the height of the row with the text in it. Not helpful.
* Reload projects when they change on the filesystem. Eclipse sometimes opens files with an error “This resource is out of sync with the filesystem” and no option to refresh it. Sometimes F5 on the project doesn’t cut it and I have to restart the IDE. IntelliJ handles reloads smoothly, with a prompt and a quick reload.

and, to be fair, things that are handy about Eclipse:

* Opening multiple projects in one window. Our project structure was invented by Eclipse users, so instead of one project with several modules, we have several projects with tribal-knowledge-based dependencies between them. Having three IDEA windows open and switching between them was a pain.
* Make “missing @Override annotation” an error that occurs at compile-time, without a separate code-inspection step. Same with “empty method.”
* Run tests when there are compile errors elsewhere in your project, in files that won’t be hit by the test.

I’ll add to this, and update it when people point out solutions. Suggestions in comments welcome.